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To Love A Woman

To love a woman,
You've got to understand what lies in her deepest soul,
To be the man to love and to hold,
A chest of secrets to whom no one she has ever told,
With arms like blankets of comfort around her they fold.

To love her truly,
Take her for the woman she really is inside,
To understand all the feelings and fears she may hide,
To be a friend to whom she can confide,
To lift her spirits and give her pride,
To show the way and be her guide,
Thru the hardest moments as years may deride.

To love her as a human being and hold on to her tight,
And never let go even thru the fights,
To keep on loving her in wrong or in right,
In her darkest hours to be the light,
To give her strength and be her might,
To comfort and secure when it really "bites",

To love her like a lady u gotta give her some respect,
And always willing to sacrifice your hand to lend,
To always be ready, not knowing what to expect,
To be by her side and always be her friend,

For if you respect her you'll give her your trust,
Not looking at her physical beauty and putting aside all your lust,
Just to be there for her and listen you must,
Even in pain or anger no matter what the cost.

To really love a woman,
give her enough time to think and give her some space,
Give her some room to breathe, don't push her in haste,
To get rid of the loneliness, to wipe the tears from her face,
Then together the bitter sweetness in life you'll taste.

For if her smile be your heart's only cure,
By looking into her eyes then you will be sure,
For it is only her eyes that can tell if this love is pure,
So through the test of time your love will endure.

For if it is true love you will surely know,
Whenever you fight you could never stay apart,
Whenever you are close your feelings would show,
For only you could understand what is inside each other's heart.

Wan Imran Wan Chik - NST