Honda Jazz Sound System


The Alpine CDA-7998R high performance head unit with good looks and abundant features

6 channel digital time correction, 6 position 12db/octave crossover

5 band parametric equalizer, regulated 1-bit DAC

3 pre-outs, 4 volt subwoofer pre-out with DC-DC converter

Bio-lite display and Fantom Face anti-theft mechanism

Alpine 7998

Fantom Face mechanism automatically folds the faceplate down and pulls it inside once you take the keys out of ignition.

The CD player has 2 1-bit regulated DAC units, 8x oversampling at 44.1 kHz, 105dB SNR and 0.00008 THD

The amber light option matches the factory dash lights.

Wireless remote control is also included.

After the competition, I added a 6 disc CD changer that fits snuggly inside the dashboard.

At Night
The small purple box with the red button that you see underneath the head unit

in the series of pictures above, is the Sub Volume Control that came with the amplifier.

Later we took the internals out of the box and mounted in onto an MDF cover with vinyl

for a better and cleaner look for better installation points in the competition

Head Unit with Sub Control

A lot of work has been done to keep level of noise down as you can see on the right. All the cables and terminals were wrapped in aluminium foil, then wrapped up in PVC. The last picture shows the main RCA covered further with plastic wrap, on its way to the Electronic Crossover

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