IASCA Sound Quality Competition

Kuala Lumpur International Motorshow

8th & 13th September 2003, PWTC, KL

This is my car on the final day, when all top three cars competed for an open SQ crown. Pros, amateuers, and both power classes all together, with 6 judges from both seats, giving an average score

You can see my tuner Mr Siemen Liew doing some last minute tweaking. However we only got 10th out of 12 cars, due to a damaged RCA cable that we found out after we took out the Electronic Crossover

Here you can see the others finalist that day from all four categories. All winners however get to park cosily under the shade of the tent while the rest of us baked in the hot sun and later showered in the rain. Guess we have to win next year...

There were also many demo cars and a few SPL vans that were on display. Here is a Honda Stream from JVC with full Audio Visual system, lots of funky fibreglass work and wicked graphisc inside and outside

This is the car I lost to, a Volkswagen Beetle from Singapore. He also won best installation.

His system was a Pioneer P9, Brax components, a Brax amp, a Mcintosh amp and a JL Audio W7. Probably 5 times the value of my system, yet he won by half a point. Oh well, at least I got best SQ score....

Here are two RF cars, the first one won Amateur 1-600W category, also from Singapore, he tied best SQ score in his class

The second car got 2nd place in Pro 1-600W. Both cars had nice installations but sort of similar.

This is the car that won the SQ competition by far. A Honda Accord Euro-R from Singapore. Won the Pro 601W above, with best install and best SQ. If there was a best car he would have won that too.

The other car is an Alfa Romeo 155 with full Kicker set up and a nice install too. Winner of Pro 1-600W category.

Here we have the 2nd place for Pro 601W above. It is another Red Honda Jazz but from Singapore he had a full DLS set up. A Swedish audio company I think. His rear install was lovely. Maybe we will build something like this next year.