Honda Jazz Sound System

Front Speaker Components

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The RS Audio Pro Series is made for the ultimate car audio experience. High quality components giving high tonal response and transient response. Most natural sound reproduction from lowest possible loss. Midrange is high power handling and has a light but rigid carbon fiber cone and cast aluminium baskets. Tweeters are silk dome and come in an aluminium resonance enclosure for better cooling of the voice coil and minimum rearward reflection. The added mass also guarantees more solid response.

The locations were chosen to give an all stock look, not to attract any attention and have no holes made to the car panels and almost nothing was modified visibly. The midrange speaker was mounted in the stock location and the tweeter was mounted in a custom made enclosure inside the A-pillars. It also gave us a very wide, tall and deep sound stage, which guaranteed good SQ points.

The tweeter mounting was made from wood and form fitted, then gaps were filled with fibreglass and then covered with vinyl. Lastly matching grill cloth was used to cover the entire mounting for a stock look and to lessen the new tweeter's harshness.

The midrange speaker was mounted on a steel ring provided by RS Audio to minimise resonance and also a wooden ring we made, and later sealed with sealant to make sure air didn't leak out. The rear was also covered with a piece of PVC cloth to protect the speaker against water. Brown Bread sound deadening was added both in the inner and outer door panels to increase midbass response

Front Components
Tweeter front Tweeter back
Midrange Mounting Midrange Inside
Door Inner Door Outer

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