Honda Jazz Sound System

System Design & Items Used

Details of each item can be read in their respective sections

This is a very simple system consisting of the minimum components needed

To keep the weight down, it has just one amp, a pair of tweeters,

a pair of Midrange Speakers and just one Subwoofer, all controlled by the Head Unit

However for the competition we did use an Electronic Crossover for tuning purposes

I'm glad to report that after we took it out it sounds even better...

Every installation was made to be easily removed in case the car has to be sold.

No permanent modifications were made.

System Diagram
The Alpine CDA-7998R is one of Alpine's top of the line unit.

The specs can be read later in the Head Unit section.

The best part is that it has a 2/3 way crossover in-built,

allowing us to connect it directly to the amp, for an active 3-way set-up

Alpine CDA-7998R
The Xetec 5G900 is a 5 channel amplifier that comes with sub volume control

This German amp is small in size but very powerful 4x100 + 1x360 Watts @ 4 ohm

yet very musical, very warm sounding with oustanding accuracy

Xetec Amp 5G900
RS Audio Pro Series Tweeter and Midrange

Excellent speakers from Germany, very good sound reproduction

and sound range as well as power handling

The passive crossover that came with it was not used anymore

as the tweeter is connected directly to the amp

and controlled with active crossover in head unit

RS Audio Speakers
RS Pro Midrange RS Pro Midrange RS Pro Tweeter RS Pro Tweeter
RS CS10 Competition Subwoofer, very good power handling

excellent bass reproduction with appropriate enclosure size and power

very capable of giving out great high as well as low end bass

RS Competition Subwoofer RS Competition Subwoofer

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